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    C902 debrand with A2Uploader

    Hi, first sorry to bug you with such old phone, but it was given to me and I quite like it (I had iPhone SE, but ditched it).
    This C902 already had some kind of flashing because it was from Vodafone, but its software has TMN (Portuguese operator) customization.
    I want to debrand it but have Portuguese language.
    Right now it has this:
    ChipID:C900,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0052
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:52 PAF:1 IMEI:35714902346138 CERT:RED
    LDR:2009-04-21 18:09 CXC1250843_DB31XX_CS_LOADER_ACC_SDRAM_R2A081
    LDR:2009-04-21 18:10 CXC1250780_DB31XX_CS_LOADER_APP_SDRAM_R2A081

    MAPP CXC article: R3EG004 prg12041731_GENERIC_AO
    MAPP CXC version: R3EG004
    Language Package:WESTERN-EUROPE
    CDA article: 1219-5538
    CDA version: R3A
    Default article: 1204-8246
    Default version: R3EG004

    Operator: 000-00

    Can you tell me how to do it?
    I was thinking to flash R3EG004 Western Europe FS, Generic Main and Western Europe CDA. But I can't find R3EG004 Western Europe FS nor CDA.
    Do you have any other alternative?

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    Re: C902 debrand with A2Uploader

    Hi,check here Top Sony Forum - CDA C902

    There are 2 versions of c902 with software AO and AS.In your log you can see Generic AO so you must use that version because there is some differents in hardware.I would use customized United Kingdom cda.

    Here you have main Generic AO and FS Western Europe Downloads - R3EA038_RED52 - Top Sony
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