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    Post How to get access to Download Area?

    How to get access to Our Download Area?
    Free Access: All registered user's have free access to the Download Area:
    • 200Mb per day, it doesn't import their size or type, include firmwares and custom.

    User's must have been registered for at least 10 days and have contributed at least 10 messages respecting our Forum Rules, and those messages have to have either contributed or helped the other members of Top Sony.
    • 10 posts - Plus10 Account - This entitles you to download 225 MB per days.
    • 50 posts - Plus50 Account - This entitles you to download 250 MB per days.
    • 100 posts - Plus100 Account - This entitles you to download 275 MB per days.
    • 500 posts - Plus500 Account - This entitles you to download 300 MB per days.
    • 1000 posts - Plus1000 Account - This entitles you to download 325 MB per days.

    Messages like these, will NOT be taken into account:
    • Any message which doesn’t respect Forum Rules
    • Repeated messages
    • Senseless messages, posts without cooperation purpose, etc

    Request free access here:

    *** VERY IMPORTANT ***

    Users who request to have download access without for filling all the requirements set out above will be penalized with 2 points (infractions).

    All request's will enter into a queue and will be answered as soon as possible. Before giving access, all messages from the user will be analysed. Please, be patient we would also ask that you don’t send repeated applications, if you do not hear from us. We are all very busy and try our hardest to make this site run smoothly. Repeated offenders will be banned or suspended.

    Inactive user's that do not post at least 10 messages a month, will lose their download access privilege's.

    Top Sony is a private site. Access to our forum's are free, but our download section is a completely separate area. Top Sony reserves the right to allow access only to those users who cooperate with the rules that are clearly set out and are willing to take a positive role within our community. Top Sony has no obligation to give free access to anyone.

    Users can have up to 2 warnings without points. If the user continues disrespecting the rules, they will receive infractions on a point based system.

    • 1 point per infraction and they will be automatically banned for 5 days once their points reach the 5 point limit.
    • The maximum point limit is 20, if you reach this you will be automatically banned from Top Sony.

    • If the user persists, they will be permanently banned. Please, read the Forum Rules.
    • If the user begins to SPAM our other members via the forum, email,private or visitors messages. They will receive 20 points and will be automatically banned for ever.

    We understand for SPAM messages like this:

    • Messages which are no help to anybody.i.e Comments without purpose.
    • Messages only to thank, or just to say “it’s good”.
    • Off topic messages that make no sense.
    • Advertisements

    If you want to download files from our download section without taking an active role with the Top Sony Community then you have the following options:
    • Premium5 - 300 MB per day - 5 Euros lasting 30 days
    • Premium10 - 350 MB per day - 10 Euros lasting 60 days
    • Premium20 - 400 MB per day - 20 Euros lasting 90 days
    • Premium Gold - 600 MB per day - 50 Euros lasting 6 months
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