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    Expanding Memory In Xperia X8 With Link2Sd

    After searching a lot, I found a tutorial on a forum in English, which I did in my SE x8 and it worked.
    The idea was to expand the memory as to install a few applications and the phone's internal 128mg I were kids.
    As for now, the android has x8 2.1 (YES OR must have the 2.1 for this tutorial), which does not support installing programs on SD, we can use link2sd, which creates links to a partition you need tomake to SD in order to free internal memory of the phone.
    It is very stable, and no speed difference on the phone. Yes, it isrecommended that memory is of "high speed". The one I have, is 8GB SDHC Class 4.
    To do this, the phone must be root, so we can do it with theSuperOneClick. It's easy ....

    After this preamble, let the instruction itself:


    We will need a pair of programs:

    Root on phone: SuperOneClickv17-ShortFuse

    Free program to partition the SD:
    Partition Wizard

    To managethe applications:


    1 - root on the SuperOneClickv17 xperia-Shortfuse:
    1a-on the phone going to Settings / Applications and select an unknown source
    1b-Now go to Settings / aplicaiones / USB DEVELOPMENT and select Debugging
    1c-x8 to connect the PC without mounting the card, use the option to load only phone.
    1d-Unzip and run the SuperOneClick, click on the option ROOT
    1e-If you see a sign saying, is your <not Successful Higher Than 2.0?> phone software, click on YES, then in Sucesso and then TEST YOUR.
    1f 'If all went well, we installed a new application called superuser.
    1g-not, repeat the procedure from 1a.

    2 - Unplug and turn off the phone, we take the SD memory card, connect it to pc with a memory reader and do a full copy of it to the PC, because you need to format it.
    3 - Using partition magic, delete the partition on the card
    4 - Create two partitions, in my case a 7.5-GB and one 500 mg (500 mg advise. Maximum). It is essential that the two partitions are primary.
    4a-format the partition in FAT32 largest, where we will put all the backup back, and the girl in EXT2 partition, which should not put anything.
    5 - SD copy in the FAT32 partition link2sd.apk in order to install it.
    6 - Turn the phone and use a browser to install the link2sd.
    7 - Run the link2sd, and we get a message "Root access required", which allow selected access.
    8 - link2sd Once inside, select the application you want to move to sd, and select "Create Link".
    9 - The application automatically goes to the EXT2 partition.


    - Once you move applications to restart the device before using it
    - It is possible that applications appear in a different order from the menu.
    - Applications of the system, unable to move.
    - In the event the market, tells us that there are applications to update, we go and we choose link2sd MARKET FIX.
    - When mounting the SD on the PC to copy music or pictures, or whatever, do not touch the ext2 partition, what's more, windows or going to see, can only be read from a PC with Linux.

    I think that's all.

    Surely, this tutorial also applies to other phone models, use it AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

    I leave you a video I found on youtube, how to partition the SD.

    <a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); text-decoration: none; "><span title="Les dejo un video que encontre en youtube, de como particionar la SD.">

    Eye does not probe android version 2.3.5

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