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    [TUTORIAL] New Unlock (>029) SETool Box 3


    This method is only for SETool box (NO setool2lite).
    No logs are needed but it is a patch unlock.

    This method supports the following phones:

    From version v0.914029:
    -DB2012 CID52
    -DB2020 CID52/53
    -PNX5230 CID52/53

    From version v0.914033:
    -DB2012 CID50/51
    -DB2020 CID49/51
    -PNX5230 CID49/51

    From v0.914034:
    -DB2012 CID53

    LATEST VERSION: V0.914039

    Before you start make sure you have the right bypass package and the rest file. For this you must do an Identify log.

    All bypass packages can be downloaded from the support page. Always check for the most recent files (they come with the release date).
    If the bypass package is absent, you can flash to a generic version and proceed with the unlock.

    To create rest:
    -Do an Identify to see which firmware version you have.
    -Download Main (the same you have) from support site.
    -Put Main in Files and do a new identify (you can check signed mode).
    -Rest have been made.

    You will need the original operator's card from which the phone is locked or a test sim card as you will need to access the menus. Also you will need the usb signed drivers for each specific model you are unlocking.

    -Select model
    -Go to settings tab and check:
    *Signed Mode
    *Enable Alternative Security bypass

    *Enable preloader security bypass (otherwise it will try to perform a full unlock with server as it has been until this version).

    *Unlock After Flash (only if you are flashing and unlocking)
    *Complete phone after flash (only if you are flashing and unlocking without CDA)
    *Allow IMEI change when Unlocking+Patch OTP<>GDFS check in firmware
    (only if you want to change IMEI when unlocking, remember this is ILLEGAL).

    -After selecting the correct options and knowing you have the rest and bypass package, press Unlock/Repair (press FLASH in case you are flashing and unlocking at the same time)... The process begins...

    -There will be a time when you should disconnect phone, insert the SIM card, power it ON and connect it in "Phone Mode"...Here you will need to install the USB drivers so that setool detects your phone.
    I recommend that you install the drivers first before doing the unlocking procedure.

    -Once the phone is detected and the EXECUTOR installed, take off the battery and the SIM card and connect again with the turned OFF phone and holding C button (in some cases it reboots itself automatically and the process goes on).

    -Once the message "UNLOCK done" appears, the phone is UNLOCKED...

    **It is recommended that you turn on the phone, go to Games folder and delete the file EXECUTOR.

    ***If by any chance, after the unlock procedure, the phone goes dead because of executing the EXECUTOR...
    Check in settings tab ONLY "Enable preloader security bypass" and press Unlock/Repair...It will turn on again...

    -If in the middle of the process, the following error appears: "There is NO EXECUTOR in phone", check if there is free space in the phone's memory...If it does not allows you, flash the FS and start again.


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