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    Requesting range upgrade

    Forum Rules
    • * The official language used in this forum is English. Local terms, slang or a different language will not be accepted.
    • * It is not allowed to publish pornographic material.
    • * It is not allowed to shorten or modify words. Examples: Writing "u" instead of "you".
    • * We will not accept any kind of offensive language, hostile or with malicious intent.
    • * You are not allowed to write in capital letters.
    • * The text color allowed in the forum will be the default, it will only be permitted to use a different color to highlight a particular text.
    • * It is not allowed to create a message just to thank, that is why there is a "Thanks" button.
    • * The maximum size of signatures is 600 x 100 pixels including letters and images. Any signature with bigger images or more letters will be deleted.
    • * You are not allowed to publish links to other sites.
    • * It is absolutely forbidden to advertise any service.
    • * It is not permitted to send or post links to any file in the download area.
    • * The firmware files downloaded from TopSony are only meant to be used exclusively by the user. It is not allowed to disclose the files on other sites. Anyone who discloses Top Sony files, will have its access block

    FREE ACCESS the download for registered users, 200 MB per day, it doesn't care their size or type, they include ALL firmwares and custom packs.

    I increase of the one it limits of download for all the ranges:

    • 10 messages - Plus10 - 225 MB per day.
    • 50 messages - Plus50 - 250MB per day.
    • 100 messages - Plus100 - 275MB per day.
    • 500 messages - Plus500 - 300MB per day.
    • 1000 messages - Plus1000 - 325MB per day.

    Please send email for requesting range upgrade:
    Messages like these, will NOT be taken into account:
    • Any message which doesn’t respect Forum Rules.
    • Repeated messages
    • Senseless messages, posts without cooperation purpose, etc

    Messages posted in the Off-Topic forum don't count.
    We attend all requests in chronological order. All posts MUST be checked by a moderator or Team Member before upgrading the range. Please be patient. You will only get your access if you gather all the requeriments. Please, be patient, don’t send new requests.

    If you don't post at least 10 messages per month you'll lose your download access (It doesn't matter how many posts you actually have in your profile).
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