Hey guys, as 1.8 recently dropped, there are some features that I would love to see come to future versions, even as far as 1.9 is concerned. This will also keep everythings art friendly.
Stage Creation (Camera Override): When creating a prefab for your levels, there should also be a feature where I can switch on an override, which allows us to choose a prefab camera of our choosing. This will cut down on needing to script things at runtime, and I'll have WAY more control. Also the ability to add skybox especially will help here. I kinda wish you guys would use the .unity format for stages. With prefabs, you will lose GI and skyboxes
Interactive Environment: This one is self explanatory. Maybe set up some triggers in your level and use a button to activate it. Perfect for stage finishers. You can treat it like hitboxes
Finishing Moves: For this one, maybe have a set up where after the final blow, you can have a timer that counts down to a fatality. To create them, using assets like Cinema Director would be perfect for this. Animate in your 3d app, import and set it up in Unity.
Material changes: This is self explanatory also. I want to turn my character to gold as an example
I'll have more soon.