Port to SE by:
MaW, mc_kibel, Marian90
Thanks to: Tartes

SEns9x is based on Siemens elf by CBN programmers and Miha_r.
Port uses also some UIQ Snes9x solutions.

YouTube - SEns9x

We do not take any responsibility for any phone problems possibly caused by this elf, especially the older versions that reboot on exit.

1. System Requirements:
- a DB2020, DB3150 or DB3210 Sony Ericsson phone
- 2,5(depending on settings)MB + rom size of free heap(actually, for a 4MB game the emulator needs 5-6MB, but I noticed phone gets ustable when it has below 1-1,5MB free heap)
- an Elfpack installed

1. Put SEns9x.elf into Zbin folder.
2. Put SEns9x.png into Zbin/Config/Extension and add the line from ext.ini.txt to your phone's ext.ini. Change [EXTxx] to next available number. Update extensions with FileReg.elf or w/e elf that does that too.
3. Put ROM.smc (ie. Chrono Trigger.smc) in other/snes/ folder.
4. Run the emulator by clicking open on the .smc file or by running elf and choosing game from the list (game must be in other/snes/ folder for the second option)

3. Menu Usage:
We enter the menu by pressing right softkey. Entering menu also pauses the game. Most of the options are understandable, I'll just briefly explain some:
BG Layers - allows us to turn off background layer, useful in games that need transparency support (which SEns9x doesn't support for now)
Emulation Settings (Advanced) - we can modify there CPU settings to gain perfomance in some games, we can aswell edit Memory Settings to reduce memory usage: In most of games you can safely set SRAM to 8kb, although if the game needs SRAM bigger than 8kb, it can cause phone's reboot, you'd also lose your previously saved games. TILE memory can be set in range between 32-128, however setting it below 64 can cause graphics problems aswell as reboot the phone. It should work fine at 50 though, in some games at least.

4. Key Settings
Key settings work same as in NesCube.
Function keys:
KEY TURBO FSKIP - turns on/off frameskip 15
QUICK LAYER - this key allows us to quickly turn on/off background layers that we have chosen in settings

5. Saving game:
While the quick save/load options in main menu don't work, you can save game using the original SNES's saving method - to the emulated game's memory (SRAM). You can save this way only in games that allow you to save this way. You can also import your saves from PC version of Snes9x, you just need to remember to keep same names, i.e when you have Game.smc you need the SRAM file to be named Game.srm.

6. FAQ
Will SEns9x emulate sound?
Unfortunately, elfpack seems to not have any function that would allows us to include sound emulation. At least in a way that would work properly.

Will SEns9x support custom chip games (i.e Doom - Super FX chip, Super Mario RPG - SA1 chip).
I'm afraid Super FX chip is too demanding to emulate on our SE phones. Adding SA1 coprocessor emulation is easy, but games that use it work too slow, so I didn't include it to SEns9x release to not make elf bigger. Maybe A2 phones will have enough power for SA1

version history:
v0.19 - initial test release
v0.50, v0.53, v0.55, v0.56r, v0.6.01, v0.61
v0.65- current release