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    w995 cid81 unbrand question...

    hello dear community,
    i found this forum on my investigation about unbranding...
    i am noob in this so i have a question

    i hate smartphones...
    but i needed new mobile so i bought me an used came today
    i like it so far but it has stupid t-mobile branding...
    i did some research..

    i found out:
    cid81 was hard to crack..
    it doesn't work with a2uploader..
    but it works with omnius...
    omnius sais it is free to flash a2 phones..
    but i need W995i_1215-7995_Generic_R1HA035_Red81.rar
    but it sais: "You must have Omnius license on your account to be allowed to download files. Buy Omnius license here."

    so i can upgrade for free but have to pay for the files which i couldn't find everywhere else...
    is this correct?are there other fws i can use? are there other sources i can get the cid81 fw files? (if it is illegal to ask here ignore this question)

    thanks for helping a noob people:D

    i will post my identify file so you can say me if i think i need correct file:
    23:16:09   Connecting via SEMC USB Flash Device (USB1)...
    23:16:09   Device driver version:
    23:16:09   Entering baseband CPU service mode...
    23:16:09   Detected chipset: DB3210 'E900
    23:16:09   Boot mode: EROM
    23:16:09   IMEI: 35947303756867
    23:16:09   OTP CID: 81
    23:16:09   OTP area status: Locked
    23:16:09   Product type: Retail
    23:16:09   Effective color: Red
    23:16:09   Sending loader...
    23:16:11   Sending loader...
    23:16:12   NAND flash chip ID: 00EC-00AA
    23:16:12   Phone type: W995
    23:16:12   MAPP CXC article: R1HA035     prg1215-8023_TMOBILE_HI
    23:16:12   MAPP CXC version: R1HA035
    23:16:12   CDA article: 1224-8239
    23:16:12   CDA version: R25A
    23:16:12   Default article: 1215-7993
    23:16:12   Default version: R1HA035
    23:16:12   Language package: T-MOB-INT
    23:16:12 i The phone is not locked to a network.
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    Re: w995 cid81 unbrand question...

    Hi,it is not free anymore so you have to buy license.The generic file is right for you but you have to download FS file for your region(language pack) and use same region customization.Before flashing make backup.

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