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    C905 - Wifi Fix - Wifi MAC address problem SOLUTION!!!

    ***Do this a couple times if it does not work for you. Reflash your phone to start fresh. Make sure you put the wifi-restore.xml in your phone before you turn it on!

    I have read over the setup files, the phone uses the files in RESTORE folder to set everything to default!***

    When you debrand some C905's the WIFI ends up with all 0 MAC address and it does not search for a wifi signal.

    I have just successfully figured out why the MAC address becomes all 0's and rendering the wifi broken.

    The script just to add a MAC address to the wifi does not exactly work becuase it's not the original MAC address.
    You need the phone to assign it's own MAC address for it to work.

    The reason being is the wifi-restore.xml in
    This parameter being all 0's render it null becuase it's telling the phone what to write for the MAC value.
    If you remove this parameter the phone is forced to set them by itself, as a result fixing the WIFI MAC problem on a master settings reset.

    The IMSI number under the MAC address is also all 0's.
    I'm not sure if it's related to the WIFI problem, but it's a unique number to your carrier.
    Since it's all 0's as well, you could also remove it and let your phone set it by itself instead of having all 0's value.

    HOW TO:
    1. Grab the wifi-restore.xml off of your custom file, or from the phone if you have changed it to brown or blue.
    2. Delete the 2nd parameter in the wifi-restore.xml.
    3. Open filemanager in A2 and upload it back to the phone.
    4. Master reset all settings.
    5. Enjoy your wifi working.
    6. If this does not work, reflash your phone. After flashing your phone, DO NOT turn on yet. Put the wifi-restore.xml in your phone, then turn on your phone.

    If you are lazy to edit, I have attached a factory wifi-restore.xml file with these 2 parameters removed.
    Just upload it into the phone and do a master reset settings.
    wifi-restore - Download - 4shared

    I just found out that some phones may create random MAC addresses and it will not get the default MAC address of the WIFI chip resulting in WIFI still not working.

    In order to fix this, use the WIFI MAC script to force a mac address, then master reset settings with the wifi-restore.xml already in the phone.

    Here is the script for forcing WIFI MAC address.
    customize_upgrade - Download - 4shared
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    Re: C905 - Wifi Fix - Wifi MAC address problem SOLUTION!!!

    Download link Problem

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