The iPhone has taken the world by storm, and there are numerous accessories that are based on it; one of such accessory is iPhone transmitter. Almost every person who has used an iPhone would be aware that its volume is not good, so transmitters are used to enhance the sound. In addition, they are also used as a connecting medium between the iPhone and other devices.

Due to the fame and the practicality of iPhone transmitter, different types have been introduced in the market. The right type depends on a buyer's preference. Basically, they can be classified on the basis discussed below.

Classification according to the source of charging

The source of charging of the transmitter varies from one to the other, all of which can be categorized in the following classes.

Phone battery- once the device is connected with the phone; it starts running and utilizes the battery of the phone. The benefit is that, you do not need an external power source and can use it anywhere. The negative aspect is that the battery of the phone is consumed more quickly, and once the battery runs out, you cannot use the device.

Cigarette lighter- the device comes with a plug which fits into the cigarette lighter located in the car or any other vehicle. Once plugged in, it gets energy for the heat. One bad thing about it is that, it can only be used in the cars.

Built in power- it comes with an internal battery source which you will have to recharge or you might have to put in cells. They can be used anywhere, and are mostly used in portable devices.

Classification according to the use

An iPhone transmitter can be classified in the following categories on the basis of its use and functioning:

FM transmitter- in this the iPhone is connected by the dock to the transmitter, which connects to the car's player. Then the transmitter and car radio are integrated at the same frequency. So, as a result the music on the phone can be heard through the speakers of the car, or any other radio. However, some frequency interference might be experienced.

Cassette adapter- these are basically designed for cards with cassette players. It appears like a normal audio cassette; the only difference is the cable at the end of which the headphone dock is located. The only drawback is that its price is higher than others.

Portable player- these are connected with the charging dock of the iPhone, and sounds come out of it. You can take it anywhere and use it. The only drawback is that its use is limited to iPhone.

Classification on the basis of brands

There are just two categories in this type, which are:

Original- as the name suggests these are the authentic transmitters which are manufactured by the apple company, and can only be used for iPhones.

Generic- if the iPhone transmitter is not original, then it is generic. They are copied products made by other companies. Though, they might be cheaper, but their result might not be as effective as the original one.