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    Which is best ?? android mobile phone or tablet?

    which is best ?? android mobile phone or tablet??

    i wanna buy a mobile or tablet !!

    i have purposes mainly like call conversations, texting, & picture capturing & editing, chatting apps like whatsapp, we chat etc!!

    i mainly need to take pictures & edit it for my project !!

    i need to have a good clarity pictures with clean pixels & all.

    simply i need high quality capturing!!

    but i have a doubt!!

    if i buy a mobile battery backup will be for a day atleast!! we can keep it switch on always!!

    is it possible to keep a tablet always switch on??

    is it possible to put a tablet in silent mode ??

    will the battery come for long???

    suggest me your opinion!!

    also can u say which brand will best & affordable ??

    my budget is below 8000 indian rupees!

    thank you
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    Re: Which is best ?? android mobile phone or tablet?

    Don't play your games here,this is last warning for you.Next time i will ban you.Advertise is not alowed.
    If you want to advertise then contact Top Sony Administrator and talk to him.

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