Hi, I believe I'm another one of those you should call "newbies" with firmware patching. I need help with patching my K750i CID49, because whenever I try to apply patches using either Setool2Lite, Gslide (applying to main firmware then flashing the phone) or FarManager with SEFP plugin, my phone dies every time, no matter what firmware I try to patch. After patching everything, it's either a white blank screen, the selection buttons not working or the phone is just bricked. I've done everything according to tutorials, setool2lite kept bricking my phone (even though I applied patches for my firmware, got the rest file and so on). When I applied patches to main firmware with Gslide, the patches worked, but the selection buttons didn't at all (both left softkey and middle joystick). I just tried everything with FarManager SEFP plugin (firstly flashed breakin with xs++, then applyied patches, then flashed the REST file using the same SEFP plugin), then I unplugged the phone. Funny, I got the white screen of death but the patches worked. I need help doing it all right, so I could enjoy my phone, so please, any reply will be appreciated. Sorry for my English.