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    Unlock WP7 Developer

    * To set up your email account on the phone, you must have established a data connection or Wi-Fi.

    These are the steps to unlock the device developer WP7:

    1. Install Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools. This will require a reboot at the end.
    2. Email the "ChevronWP7.cer" file to your Windows Phone 7 device.
    3. Open the email, tap the attached file to download. The icon becomes a shield, press again for a new dialogue. Press "Install" and click OK.
    4. WP7 Put your phone in Airplane Mode (Settings> Airplane Mode> Slide lever ON)
    5. Double-click the file on your computer ChevronWP7.reg. A message opens asking you to write this to your record. Click Yes to continue, then click OK in the end.
    6. Open TCPView. (Within tcpview.exe the downloaded file) Click on the title marked "Local Port" until the arrow next to it is pointing.
    7. Look at the Local Port column for entries tagged with "HTTPS". These programs should be closed by Chevron to work properly. The most common culprits are Skype and XAMPP. Use the Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) to ensure that they are closed if you run into problems.
    8. Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable. Open the Zune software, if not already open, and expect to complete the synchronization.
    9. Open the Zune software and go to the phone and make sure you do not see anything that indicates that you are in a "Guest Sync" relationship with the device. It must be the primary computer is synchronized with the phone.
    10. Unlock the phone and leave it on the home screen. Make sure the phone will not sleep after that.
    11. Open ChevronWP7.exe. You have to run as administrator. Check both boxes, and press releases.
    12. Cross your fingers, and you should be running on a device developer unlocked! (Unlock button will change to block Chevron again if this is successful)

    Download links:

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