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    General guide for newbies and Recently Initiated


    Before starting it is important to know and respect the Forum Rules

    Who are our leaders?


    Our staff is made up of forum members who are responsible for managing, administering all matters relating to the forum operation. Bear their names in blue color. You can tell by the following ranges: Top Sony Administrator - Top Sony Team Leader - Top Sony Team Gold - Top Sony Team - Top Sony Moderator - Top Claborator*

    *Top Colaborator: They are part of Staff. It is a prominent user group for their expertise, dedication and knowledge in general.

    All forum users have a range in their experience, among them you can find:

    Recently Initiate - Member - Advanced - Expert - Gold - Diamond - Plus 10/50/100/1000/2000.

    The default range is the Recently Initiate, as you gain experience in all your posts, you keep advancing through the various ranks.

    Within the forum there are users who are special rank as the following:

    Top Posters (very constant users posts and contributions to the forum and the community)

    Patch porter / Advanced porter (Users with basic and advanced knowledge in porting patches)

    Patcher / Patch Maker (Users with very advanced knowledge in the creation and porting patches)

    Flash Maker (advanced users to create and edit files for flash menus, flash Wallpapers / flash Screensavers)

    ElfMaker (Users with expertise in creating and editing elfs)

    Top SE Tool Box (Expert users in the support section of SE Tool Box)

    Top Android (Expert users in mobile phones with Android OS)

    Some options you see when creating messages

    (Report post): This option allows you to report rude messages, problematic, outside the rules ... do not use it to thank, respond or any other purpose, misuse would lead to a warning.

    This option allows you answer the post where you are.

    : With this option you thank to those who helped you solve your problems. That way it is not necessary to posting only to thank.

    Like: This option is located on the bottom right of each message, and you can click to say you like the message you are reading.

    : With this option respond to messages quoting the text of an user, so he will know that you respond to him.
    Multi-Quote: To quote messages from multiple users in your same message.

    With this option you can edit your message when you lack information, or when you forgot to write something, or simply to correct a flaw in your post. So you avoid writing consecutive posts, which is against the forum rules. If it's been 24 hours since your message, you can no longer edit, and you'll have to ask a moderator, who will gladly edit your post.

    Creating threads

    Remember to put titles that are more specific to your problem, it is easier to find help this way.
    Suggestions on how to create titles in the areas

    Model Problem
    Example: k790 IMEI changed

    Here are some LINKS to make your job easier

    Global SonyEricsson Dictionary

    CID & DB List

    How To Post An Identify Log?

    Update A2Uploader V5

    Flash your phone using SETool 2 Lite

    XS++ 2.x Guide

    Visit all the topics you can, please read, with this help us to maintain a clean site. Read the forum rules, our changes and improvements ...

    I need to read tutorials?

    Tutorials & Guides

    Where to place my flash theme using any program?

    Upgrade - Debrand - Language change

    If I use A2 Uploader?


    If you use SE Tool 2 Lite?

    Se Tool 2 Lite

    If I use Far Manager?

    Far Manager

    If I use XS++?

    Phone XS / XC / XS++ / GFlash

    Convert my phone? what models?


    Tunning FS? Routes? extract files?

    FS Files - Routes, extracting, uploading and deleting files

    Unlock - Debrand?


    I want to patch, how I do it? Why read?

    Patches & Scripts

    I want elves, where do I find?

    Elfs Pack

    Change my sound? my camera? more quality?

    Camdrivers - Dispdrivers - Acoustic Drivers

    Remove operator logo? Another Fonts?

    Layout & Fonts

    I want flash menus, where and what do I do?

    Flash Menus

    Skins for my player?

    Walkman Skins

    Change the icons on my menu?

    Menu Icons

    I want flash wallpapers, flash screensavers?

    Flash Wallpapers/Screensavers

    I want games, where do i find??

    Mobile Content & Resources

    I bought my box, in which section should I post??


    I have an Android cell phone?

    Android OS

    What about Top Sony?


    I have a question or suggestion about the forum?

    Feedback & Suggestions

    By importance, are sections of the forum who have internal rules should read them, are as important as the others.

    Enjoy your stay in Top Sony Forum!

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