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    Reload X10 Mini Pro, VIA Companion. Generic Firm Brazil. u20a!

    First of all, the only defect of this firm is that it changes place the comma down key point, which can be corrected, with the explanation below.


    1. Download the following files: build.prop

    2. Pass the build.prop and 2 applications of the 2nd link to thecellular sd.

    3. Install and run ANDROOT UNIVERSAL, resulting in the ROOTbutton, so you can take superuser access to your cel.

    4. Install and run ROOT EXPLORER, when you leave a noticeasking if we want to give super user permissions ROOTEXPLORER, accept

    5. Find the file that we copied build.prop sd card, hold down and select Copy, then go to the "root" cel memory, not sd memory, we seek and enter the system folder, click the button Mount R / W,and then paste. We asked if we want to overwrite, we say that of course

    6. Run SE PC Companion, for which you do not have

    7. Run the program, follow the instructions y. .. CHAZAM! your phone will have the Brazilian generic firm U20a 2.1 eclair!


    8. Download, install and run the following application, which will give us root access. z4root.apk

    9. Download the following file, and pass it to the SD card keyprinter.xml

    10. Open EXPLORER ROOT application we used earlier, copythe file keyprinter.xml, we seek to Cartet root and enter / SYSTEM / usr / keyboard-config, we give the Mount button R / W and thenpaste the file, we ask if we overwrite, if po papeeeto ovio xd

    Reboot and is repairing the keyboard, with the COMA IN PLACE

    If I get the message "The file you are trying to access is temporarily disabled" in Megaupload, reload the page, it happensbecause I have no premium.

    NOTE: u20a''eye only''Brazil should work without problems (Singapore was u20i)

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