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    As Bootloader block in X8, X10 Mini, Mini Pro X10

    If we return to the locked bootloader on your terminal by "X" reasons the tutorial here.

    NOTE: If using Pc Campanion the option "Repair" or by usingFlashtool. If you re-lock the boot loader (bootloader) for the use of a custom kernel your phone is dead.

    1 - Download and extract S1tool an appropriate place in your PC(not necessary if you already have s1tool tutorial on how tounlock). (Credits to the_laser by this tool). This file is attached to the end of the tutorial.

    2 - Then download and install Flashtool v0.2.9.1 beta (do not use0.3.0.0)

    FlashTool_0.2.9.1 _Beta

    After installation,open the folderflashtool.Double-click the fileand installggsetup- work inFlashtool).Said. "Exe"works forX8, X10and X10minipro.Notsurethat works100%W8.

    Note: This installation(Flashtooland Gordon) is not necessaryif you alreadyhave.

    3 -Turn offyour phone.

    4 -Runs1tool.exeon your PC.Thenclickthe Restore buttonand then connect thephone to thePCflashmode(pressand hold the"Back" button(thearrow)toconnect thephone to thePC).

    5 -Wait until theprocess iscomplete.Congratulations!Ahwasblockedagain for yourbootloader.


    To check, opens1tool.exe, clickthe Identify button, turn offthe phone,plug intothePCflash mode(pressand hold thebackbuttontoconnect thephone to thePC).Thephone'sLEDshould flash greenand wait forthe softwarealong some
    output like this:

    9/9/2011 21:41:44 Welcome to S1 identify tool
    9/9/2011 21:45:13  
    9/9/2011 21:45:13 TO CONNECT NEXT PHONES
    9/9/2011 21:45:13 X10 Xperia,E10 Xperia Mini,E15 Xperia X8,U20 Xperia Mini Pro
    9/9/2011 21:45:13 LT15 Xperia ARC,MT15 Xperia NEO,R800 Xperia PLAY
    9/9/2011 21:45:13 PRESS AND HOLD "BACK" BUTTON...
    9/9/2011 21:45:13  
    9/9/2011 21:45:13 
    9/9/2011 21:45:46  
    9/9/2011 21:45:46 RUNNING S1_EROM VER "r8A029"
    9/9/2011 21:45:46 SOFTWARE AID: 0001
    9/9/2011 21:45:46 LOADER AID: 0001
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 FLASH ID: "002C/00BC"
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 LOADER VERSION: "R4A045"
    9/9/2011 21:45:49  
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 MODEL (from GDFS): X8
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 SOFTWARE VERSION: 1236-9291_2.1.1.A.0.6
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 CUSTOM VERSION: 1241-3178_R1B
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 FILESYSTEM VERSION: WORLD-1-8_2.1.1.A.0.6
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 SERIAL NO: CB511SPH7Q
    9/9/2011 21:45:49  
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 SEMC SIMLOCK CERTIFICATE
    9/9/2011 21:45:49 Elapsed:36 secs.
    If the line from S1_EROM version "# $ 8A02" is a lowercase "r" proxy of "#" (UP TO SEE S1_EROM "r8A02 $"), the bootloader is not successfully closed again . If you have a capital "R" replacingthe "#" (UP TO SEE S1_EROM "$ R8A02"), the bootloader has been successfully blocked again.

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