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    How to create a bootanimation (start animation)

    Only tested on Sony Ericsson X10A mini (E10A), it might work in the X10 mini PRO and even in other Androids, just a matter someone to test and confirm us.

    Create a bootanimation is not as simple as riding on our Androids, requires more time, patience, creativity, among many other things that certain members of TOP SONY have before getting to the point that it is a bootanimation explain: the imagemovement that we see after the first boot splash our Androids in the case of mini X10A Sony Ericsson legend in white and black background.

    Important note: This tutorial can be used on any Android, however depending on model and firmware require additional details as the size of the images, how to mount it, and so on.


    Have installed 7zip, WinRAR or any other compressor that allows the option not to compress it is very important because the trick to run the bootanimation upon completion is because our file should not be so compact because never executed.
    Have basic knowledge of image editing (the truth that this is necessary or even recommend an editor like GIMP that part of being easy to use is free and only weighs about 24 MB or so).
    The sample left attached to this tutorial I recommend you save it to your desktop or wherever you like but is easy to locate. (PENDING FOR MOUNTING)

    Hands: Inside is a file structure like this:
    ani1 (file folder)
    ani2 (file folder)
    And so on each folder with files in. Png (ani3, ani4 and ani5)
    They also found a file named desc.txt

    Definition of operation:

    The way to display the animation shown in desc.txt file that when opened (I recommend for comfort and wordpad edition) will contain something like:

    240 320 12
    p 1 0 ani1
    January 24 ani2 p
    p 1 0 ani4
    p 1 43 200 ani5

    Meaning of each value:
    Line 1:
    480: is the width of the screen
    800: is the height of the screen
    12: FPS (frames per second) that you wish to animate
    Line 2, 3, 4 and 5:
    p: defines a portion of the animation
    1: how many times the animation should be repeated in this part
    0: define a break (maximum 10)
    ani1 is the name of the folder where the images of the animation.

    Now the number of folders and images is up to each individual user can even have a folder and an image or have more folders and the images they want (although it should be logical not want to mount a bootanimation 5 minutes)

    Images must be named as follows 00000.png, 00002.png, ...compliance with the order name to display and format only. png is also recommended that the numbering is correlated even if you change folder.

    Another thing to consider is the amount of images that will be needed. These vary depending on the FPS you want, which in turn will affect the fluidity of the animation and total number of images as well as total weight. As an example, a 3-second animation at 30FPS need 90 images.

    Once we have our wallets with our images and we have to file amended desc.txt create the bootanimation as shown in the picture (I use WinRAR, 7Zip screen is a little different but the idea is to bring the items marked in red).

    And finally we have to mount our in our Android, I hope they serve and to be able to share so we can trybootanimation, Greetings

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