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    C902 R3EE002 Vodafone

    This is the official theme for C902 R3EE002 Vodafone
    Please put new patches, not to repeat.

    Do not post Packs, providing provide the name of each patch.

    Patch VKP; C902 SW-R3EE002 Vodafone
    ; Radio without handsets
    ; SiNgle
    ; (p) MiFa
    10f82efc: 01D1 01E0

    Patch VKP; C902 SW-R3EE002 Vodafone
    ; Displays files with the extension
    ; IronMaster
    ; (p) MiFa
    117d166c: F21B 321C

    Patch VKP;C902 SW-R3EE002 Vodafone
    ;Change "Sony Ericsson ROCKS!" to "Nokia SUCKS"
    ;Usage: (ServiceMenu-->ModelInfo-->Press 2,4,6,8)
    ; D-Man
    ;(P) MiFa
    20853FF: 536F6E79204572696373736F6E0A524F434B5321 4E6F6B6961205355434B53210000000000000000

    Patch VKP;C902 SW-R3EE002 Vodafone
    ; Usuwa komunikat o wlaczeniu trybu cichego
    ; Remove "nosound" message when turn on silent mode
    ; (?) SiNgle
    ; (p) MiFa
    1A4D0BC: 0AD0 0AE0

    Patch VKP;C902 SW-R3EE002 Vodafone
    ;Enable the transfer of java-applications
    173B098: 9847051C 00250D60

    Patch VKP; C902 SW-R3EE002 Vodafone
    ; Full access to file managers on Java in FS phone
    ; Attention! Having removed/having moved the necessary files, you can deprive with working capacity phone!
    ; , neoDimm
    ; (p) MiFa
    1BE3C9C: 630061006D0065007200610000000000 69006600730000005100750065007500
    1BE3CAC: 70006900630074007500720065007300 65000000740070006100000073007900
    1BE3CBC: 000000006D0075007300690063000000 7300740065006D000000750073006200
    1BE3CCC: 2F007500730062002F004D0055005300 00002F00730079007300740065006D00
    1BE3CDC: 490043000000000076006900 00002F004900460053000000
    1BE3D6C: 7C85E611 DE2CBE11;"/tpa/user/DCIM" -> "/IFS"
    1BE3D7C: AC2CBE11 A42CBE11
    1BE3D84: 9085E611 6284AF11;"/tpa/user/picture" -> "/QUEUE"
    1BE3D94: C02CBE11 B02CBE11
    1BE3D9C: CC2CBE11 487CAD11;"/tpa/user/MUSIC" -> "/tpa"
    1BE3DAC: E42CBE11 B82CBE11
    1BE3DB4: 5088E611 CE2CBE11;"/tpa/user/video" -> "/system"
    1BE3DC4: F42CBE11 C62CBE11
    1BE3DCC: 1086E611 B87CAD11;"/tpa/user/other" -> "/usb"

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