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    T700 sw-r3ea037

    This is the official theme for T700 SW-R3EA037
    Please put new patches, not to repeat.

    Do not post Packs, providing provide the name of each patch.

    Patch VKP;T700 SW-R3EA037
    ;Full access to file managers on Java in FS phone
    ;Attention! Having removed/having moved the necessary files, you can deprive with ;working capacity phone!
    ;(c) , neoDimm
    ;(p) MahmudS
    1B8B4C0: 630061006D0065007200610000000000 69006600730000005100750065007500
    1B8B4D0: 70006900630074007500720065007300 65000000740070006100000073007900
    1B8B4E0: 000000006D0075007300690063000000 7300740065006D000000750073006200
    1B8B4F0: 2F007500730062002F004D0055005300 00002F00730079007300740065006D00
    1B8B500: 490043000000000076006900 00002F004900460053000000
    1B8B590: 74D9D611 02B5B811; "/ usb / dcim" -> "/ ifs"
    1B8B5A0: D0B4B811 C8B4B811
    1B8B5A8: 88D9D611 FC31AD11; "/ usb / picture" -> "/ queue"
    1B8B5B8: E4B4B811 D4B4B811
    1B8B5C0: F0B4B811 6811AB11; "/ usb / music" -> "/ tpa"
    1B8B5D0: 08B5B811 DCB4B811
    1B8B5D8: 48DCD611 F2B4B811; "/ usb / video" -> "/ system"
    1B8B5E8: 18B5B811 EAB4B811
    1B8B5F0: 08DAD611 D811AB11; "/ usb / other" -> "/ usb"

    Patch VKP;T700 SW-R3EA037
    ;Enable the transfer of java-applications
    ;In order to pass Java remove the hidden attribute from a folder on the ams
    ;(c) IronMaster
    ;(p) xGhost a.k.a IIIyXeP
    106F09CA: A847051C 00250D60

    Patch VKP;T700 SW-R3EA037
    ;Radio without handsets
    ;(C) SiNgle
    ;(p) xGhost a.k.a IIIyXeP
    10F76D58: 01D1 01E0

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