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    What mobile phones can be converted?

    SE K750 -> SE W800 (wins Walkman)
    SE Z710 -> SE W710 (wins Walkman, menus Flash Lite)
    SE K800 -> SE K810 (Win TrackID and Photo Fix, replace the original lighteffects by K800 to work properly the keyboard lights)
    SE K550 -> SE W610 (wins Walkman 2.0, Flash Lite)
    SE S500 -> SE W580 (wins Walkman 2.0)
    SE K310 -> SE W200 (wins Walkman 1.0, Flash Lite, make more memory RADIO does not work, has MS, the problems of certain buttons are fixed with patches if CID49)
    SE Z555/W350/W380 -> Any of these 3 models (Z555/W350/W380), example: Z555 @ W380 Walkman 2.0 win
    SE K530 -> SE W660 (wins Walkman 2.0, Flash Lite, fewer problems than K610 @ W660)

    Ericsson T68 -> SE T68i (MMS feature wins)
    SE T300 -> SE T310 (winning the calendar)
    SE T616 -> SE T610 (firmware upgrade, lost band 850, some are unstable)
    SE V600/K608 -> SE K600 (depersonalization / debrand)
    V800/Vodafone SE 802SE (Japan) -> SE Z800 (depersonalization / "desvodafonización")
    SE T230/T237 -> SE T290i/T290a (I think the speaker wins)
    SE D750 (T-Mobile) -> SE K750/W800
    SE K610im -> K610i (lost i-mode, making it the normal version, wins Java 2.0)

    Possible with hardware modifications:
    SE W700 -> SE K750/W800 (changing the camera by the K750/W800)
    SE T610 -> SE T630 (changing the display by the T630)

    Possible, with some problems

    SE K310 -> SE K510 (changing display driver wins more memory, loses the camera, Bluetooth wins)
    SE K510 -> SE W200 (changing the display driver for K510, Walkman wins, loses the camera, Bluetooth lost)
    SE K750 (CID49) -> SE W700 (functioning normally, but not worked earned Walkman camera)
    SE K610/K618/V630 -> SE W660 (Walkman 2.0 works camdrivers deleting, replacing the original dispdriver the K610 to correct colors on the screen, supports Flash Lite)
    SE W760 -> SE W595 (Gana Camara in full screen, some applications) but loses functionality in the Walkman keys, Volume, Answer, End, and deal with, not take pictures, the camera is turned example: You point the camera at an object and the object viewed from the side, Sound (original acoustics to recover), it looks bad Display (W760 original display restores), the accelerometer is wrong calibration (vertical and horizontal bicebersa)

    Definitely can not be converted:

    SE Z530 -> SE W300 (capacity of RAM and Flash distinct differences in hardware)
    SE Z550 -> A no difference in the band model, is damaged GDFS after flashing with original firmware is "No network coverage")
    SE W810 -> A single model
    SE K790 -> SE K818, nor to any model (issues of gangs, GDFS is damaged, returning as it was, it loses signal)
    SE K310 -> SE W300 (the GDFS is damaged).

    Do not even try or will end up with a paperweight:
    SE K750/W700/W800 -> SE W810 (die in the attempt, the GDFS is damaged, different type of flash memory).

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    k770 to w880

    can k770 be converted to w880?
    or convert to other walkman series?

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    Question Re: What mobile phones can be converted?

    I want to covert w660i

    anybody can help

    My Sony K530i tech details

    Baseband ID: 9900
    Protocol Version: 3.1
    Platform: DB2020
    OTP CID: 51
    EROM CID: 52
    EROM Color: Red
    IMEI: 35780401xxxxxx
    Phone ID: K530
    Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    CDA: CDA102568/110 R8A
    Firmware Version: R6BC002
    EROM: R3A022

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