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    Dead w810i - no connection with anything...

    Hi guys and gals,

    This is my first post. I myself don't own a SE phone but my father has a w810i that appears to be bricked. The IR port flashes in groups of 12 whenever it is plugged into the mains. After the purchase of a new battery (my father thought this was the most likely issue), which didn't help as you might guess, and a little bit of Googling I thought it could be a corrupt EROM. However I read somewhere (I have been reading a lot the past few days) that DB2012 (is that correct for this model?) phones do not suffer from this issue and it is more likely to be corrupt firmware.

    Whatever the problem actually turns out to be is pretty irrelevant at the moment because whether using XS++ or SETool2 Lite no connection can be achieved. Now, the USB flash drivers are present on the system, but the device is not installed as the phone cannot be started up. Even when holding down the C button (or 2+5 keys) and connecting (replacing the battery every time tried) the device is not recognised on the port (by Windows). I also read somewhere that the data used for USB communication on the phone is stored in the EROM, so if it were to be corrupt it might not be possible to connect with the DCU-60 cable, and the service cable might be required (Cruiser cable?).

    The only other thing I could think to try would be to ensure the drivers are installed by connecting another SE phone by USB cable and then retrying with the brick on the same port, however this isn't an option as we cannot find anyone who owns one -- pretty odd I thought, but hey not much I can do about that :S

    Any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Dead w810i - no connection with anything...

    A professional tool will help u out recovering factory Erom virgin status

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