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    Smile Making fonts SE W580i or similar

    • Fonts (*.ttf with extensions same as on a computer) (Example: rabiohead)

    Fonts ORIGINAL W580i

    Fonts Creator Software

    The steps:

    1. Open Font Creator

    2. Open original font and your font

    3. Copy and Paste all of the characters your font in the original font character w580 (a = a, b = b, etc.)

    As the image (step A is then forwarded to step B)

    To be faster, mark some of the same characters (press shift + click / directions button).

    4. If all the characters in your fonts finished copy to the original fonts, close your font and select the save on the original font.

    5. Now open the W580i was the original font file (the remaining 2, because the others deleted), renamed San-Serif_Chinese_It.ttf to rabiohead.ttf

    6. Open fonts.xml with notepad And change of the mark word in the picture with rabiohead.ttf


    7. Done, insert to your handphone with Far Manager / XS++ / similar


    i'm from indonesia, so i'm sorry my tutorial picture used my language

    This is not to use fonts like the example (rabiohead.ttf)
    This method can also be applied to the Sony Ericsson db2020 else, or not just to db2020 if the font used to have similarities.
    This is my first post, so i'm sorry if I'm wrong
    I'm sorry if my english is difficult to understand

    for detail n source :
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