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    AINO U10i SW-R1BA051

    This is the official theme for AINO U10i SW-R1BA051
    Please put new patches, not to repeat.

    Do not post Packs, providing provide the name of each patch.

    this is the first patches for Aino jeje

    ;Aino U10i SW-R1BA051
    ;Change DSC to IMG
    ;Change MOV to VID
    ;(c) Lollylost100
    15B77B50: 4400530043 49004D0047
    15B77B5A: 4D004F0056 5600490044
    ;U10i R1BA051
    ;remove year in date format
    ; weltonlin (CHINESE)
    ;(P) omokas
    15EDC232: 254C25642D2562254C2D2579 202020202562254C254C2564;31-dec-2008 -> dec31
    ;15EDC232: 25642D256D2D2579 20202025642D256D;31-12-2008 -> 31-12
    ;15EDC232: 256D2F25642F2579 202020256D2F2564;12/31/2008 -> 12/31
    ;15EDC232: 2579256D2564 2020256D2564;20081231 -> 1231
    ;15EDC232: 25642F256D2F2579 20202025642F256D;31/12/2008 -> 31/12
    ;15EDC232: 25642E256D2E2579 20202025642E256D;31.12.2008 -> 31.12
    ;15EDC232: 25792D 202020;2008-12-31 -> 12-31
    ;U10i R1BA051
    ;Save messages in Drafts without confirmation
    ;(c) GVELF a.k.a. Kaa
    ;(db3210-> db3350) blacklizard
    ;(p) blacklizard
    153BB77E: 3AD0 3AE0
    ;Aino U10i SW-R1BA051
    ;Turn off light sensor
    ;v. 1fix
    ;(c) IronMaster
    ;(p) maciekbronkz
    1564b500: 1988 FF20
    Credits to creators and porters
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