I'm new in this forum. I'm italian and so... till now.... sorry for my poor english. I searched in hole web a forum of Wotan for an help and I found this, so I hope you will help me.

About 3 weeks ago my sony ericsson k850i suddenly turn off. Only a weak red light (near IR) was on, while I put on the power button. But nothing... my k850i was dead :-(
I tried to changed battery... nothing.

So I tried to revive it with Wotanserver (I read a lot in lots of forum and many people had my same problem and solved it with wotan).
But... nothing again. I followed the istructions of "Getting started Guide", but these are the images that appear.

First this (I connect my phone; pc identifies it but the window of the memory card doens't appear no more as when the phone went good).

Then I click on Start and this appears:

It's strange that Wotan identifies the phone... It seems to be an hope for me, but then when I have to choose the model, it's impossible because it's "obscurate" (as in the image).

Can anybody help me to revive my phone?
Thank you very much