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    Discussion and questions about installing ELFPack

    This topic discusses the doubts and questions about installing ELFPack.

    TUTORIAL here:

    [TUTORIAL] Method to install elfpack on Sony Erisson Phones

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    Question Re: Discussion and questions about installing ELFPack

    For W810i .. R4EA0031
    i tried as given here ..

    W810 /Z550 / W600 / K770 / K790 / K800 / K810 / W830 / W850 / W660:

    Create ZBin in the Other folder of the phone memory and Daemons folder in the Other folder of the memory stick.
    Create Config in the ZBin folder
    Put DYN_CONST.bin inside this Config folder

    patched with W810_R4EA031.vkp and w810_r4ea031.lib.vkp

    Then Placed the CameraShortcuts folder with its content in your config folder, and the elfs in phone/other/Zbin (CameraShortcuts2.0.elf and ShortcutEditor.elf)

    Started the ShortcutEditor.elf, it gave out options as NewshortCut
    Enabled (YES)
    Asked Pressed Key {I pressed for say 5}
    ASked Simulated Key {I pressed for say 0}

    Started the Camerashortcuts2.0.elf
    and it created remap.cfg and shortcut_edit.ind in (Phone/Other/Zbin/Config/Camerashortcuts)
    also camerashortcuts.bcfg in memory stick (Memory stick/Other/Zbin/Config/)

    For note i have also patched with sysgfx_alpha_w810_r4ea031.vkp (Does it have any effect on it)

    When i starts the camera, it hangs and phone get restart after 3-4 minutes ...

    1. Am i doing anything wrong? (Elfs or patch or DYN_CONST.bin)
    2. Is this applicable for W810i (R4EA0031)
    3. Is there any .ini file also needed, as i dont have any.
    4. I have left Daemons folder blank...

    Please Help me..... Thanks in advance ..

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