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    Hi to all.:)
    I'm new here, but I want write here a review of my SE k550, that follows me everywhere from over a year...
    The mobile's design is slim and much elegant: the black version is beautiful!!!(And I don't talk about the white version:eek:)
    The phone is 15mm thin and on the front-face has a 2" display with a resolution of 176x220.
    Display is pretty bright and the colours are displayed very well.
    Unfortunately the display won't be much readable in direct-sun light conditions.
    The keypad can appear difficult to use when we see it, but actually is very comfortable to use for who writes hundreds of sms too.
    Talking about the calls' quality I have nothing to criticize: the volume is much high and the audio is very good.
    The reception is excellent, you can call also in very difficult places, with just one or two "notches".
    But this phone is of the Cybershot series, therefore go on talking about camera.
    The quality of photos is pretty decent,for a 2mp camera.It is autofocus-enabled of course.The videos are the usual "postage stamps"(176x144).
    The mp3 player integrated is quite good, but the quality improves if we buy best headphones like the hpm-70.
    In conclusion I can consider me very satisfied of this terminal.

    -Good camera with not expensive price
    -calls' audio and volume very very good
    -very resistant
    -much elegant
    -excellent keypad

    -2" display
    -thin sale box(there aren't a memory either holder)
    -no UMTS

    EDIT: sorry for my English, I'm Italian, not British.

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    Re: K550 - Review

    that phone is indeed a nice phone.

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