Thanks to Inflam52

A Step-By-Step Guide on How To Sync with Mac

There are a few choices to chose from when attempting to sync practically any Sony Ericsson phone (I was using my w580) with the Mac OS. Since the software that comes with the Sony Ericsson is Windows only, we have to refer to third party software.

1. Actually, one of the best ways to share files is via Macs Bluetooth. The newer Macs have built in Bluetooth. To setup Bluetooth:

First you need to activate your Bluetooth on your phone to do this:

-Go to your main menu and find you "Settings"

-Once you click on it, next scroll over to "Connectivity"

-Click on "Bluetooth"

-Select Turn on and click "Select"

-Next, select "Visibility" and click "Select"

-Make sure you select "Show Phone" and click "Select"

(Phone options may vary but the basis is you need to both "Turn on" the Bluetooth and make the phone visible to other Bluetooth devices.)

2. Now that your phone is setup, you can now setup your Mac for compatibility.

-Click on the Bluetooth symbol up in the top right hand corner of your screen. Or if it isn't there, simply find your Bluetooth setup in your finder.

-Select "Add a New Device" in the drop down menu

-This will take you to a setup wizard and will guide you through the setup

-The setup wizard will give you a code after it detects your phones Bluetooth.

-Your phone will prompt you for this code. Type it in and select "Ok"

-Your phone will also prompt you to give permission to your Mac to access your phone. Click "Ok"

-Your computer will validate and you have completed the pairing

3. Now that the Bluetooth setup is complete, now it is time to access and start sharing files between your Mac and Sony Ericsson.

-In the Bluetooth drop down menu, click on "Browse Device"

-Select your phone in the menu and click "Browse"

-This will bring you to small finder window where you can browse your phone and memory card.

-To access folders, just double click on one
-To create a new folder, click on the folder icon at the bottom of the window
-To get a file from your phone, click "Get"
-To go back to the root menu of your phone, click the home icon
-To go back, click the back icon
-To delete a file, click on the trash icon

-To add files to your phone, simply drag and drop them into you phone directory

How to Add Music To Your Phone

-Access your phone directory via Bluetooth

-Click on the "Music" folder

-Drag your music to the folder

If you drag a iTunes music file (or any music file) directly into your "Music" folder, your Sony Ericsson will automatically sort and create the appropriate folders for your music.

If you want to add a lot of music at one time, I recomend using the software called iTuneMyWalkman. There are a few apps out there that allow you to access and transfer music through iTunes, such as:

-iWalkman by The Office Maven

-iTuneMyWalkman by Ilari Scheinin

-Mass Storage Synchronizer by Tea Vui Huang

-Access through iSync

-You can check out this site for an iSync Plugin (Apple - Support - Discussions - iSync connection with Sony Ericsson ...)

I have had the most success with iTuneMyWalkman though. (Make sure you read prompts because iTuneMyWalkman wipes your memory card clean. BACK UP YOUR STUFF!)
If you are just adding a few songs though, just use Bluetooth. I honestly think that transfer via USB is not that much faster than Bluetooth.

How to Add Java Games and Apps

In order to add Java games and apps to you phone through Bluetooth, simply:

-Go to your phone directory, and click on the "Other" folder

-Now you can drag you .jar files (or pretty much any file) into this folder. This is the only folder that accepts a variety of files.

-Once you have added the .jar files to your phone, pick up you phone and go to the main menu

-Click on "My Stuff" or whatever your file browser is

-Scroll down and click on the "Other" folder

-Click on the .jar file you want to install

-The phone will ask you for permission to install the game or app and it will added to your phone

-After installing, you can delete the .jar file from your "Other" folder to save space. Since it is already installed, you don't need to keep the .jar files.

-Your game or app will be in the "Game" or "App" folder of your phone