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    Post Upgrade - Debrand - Language change Rules

    Dear users, these rules are posted now to stop repeating threads.

    1: Threads asking which is the newest firmware.

    Go to the download area and check the firmwares. The newest are at the bottom of the list and they are ordered by CID.

    Top Sony - Firmwares

    2: Threads asking which firmware is the best.

    Change logs let you what have changed in every firmware version, although any of them will do wonderful changes in your phones. And always remember that a new firmware version comes out to fix some bugs (in my opinion if it's the newest firmware, it's better).

    3: Threads asking for help without posting the Identify LOG

    Doing this just creates more SPAM. If you don't know how to get the Indentify Log read this thread.

    How To Post An Identify Log? - Top Sony Forums

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