Dear users. In order to facilitate the access to information in this forum we ask you to be more attentive and comply with the following rules governing the forum: Layout & Fonts

  • There are exclusive threads for contributing and requesting layouts, please don't create new threads requesting or contributing with layouts. Please, "Search" before posting a request or contribution.
  • Any contribution or request outside of the exclusive threads will be deleted.
  • It's not allowed to publish packs in order to avoid repeated contributions.
  • Any repeated contribution will be deleted.
  • Any message without any contribution or asksing things on the "exclusive threads" will be deleted. Use the "Report" button to report those messages.
  • Any message that responds to questions posted in the "exclusive threads" will also be deleted.
  • If the download link has expired or you encountered an error in any layout / font please tell the author of the post with a private message. Don't create a post just to say this.
  • It's not allowed to post protected material (Coca Cola, Disney, etc.).