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    XLOUD | 100% Work for x8

    After We have Bravia Engine now we have XLOUD engine Powered by Sony Corporation

    XLOUD is sound enhancement to make your x8 sound greater

    Sound enhancement
    Volume enhancement
    Equalizer enhancement

    I will try to make settings work

    Automatic Installation: Thanks for GreatApo to make real
    Flash this Using XRECOVERY
    For GingerDX V14 Here
    For KuyaDroid 3.2.175 Here
    For HackDroid: Coming Soon
    For Minicm7 : Coming Soon


    New: Equalizer enhancement Automatic control by AudioEffectService

    Manual Installation:
    Download Here

    Build.txt is build.prop you need to add by yourself @ system and system/bin
    add that text at bottom of your build.prop

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